Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paine Field October 30

American Airlines 787 on the flightline.

ZB168 United Airlines 787-9 N19951 is pushed back in the stall after a B5 flight.

ZA195 Japan Airlines 787-8 JA837J begins a taxi test before a B1 flight.

Thai Airways 787-8 HS-TQC delivery flight to Bangkok.

WE503 China Airlines 777 B-18053 departing on a B1 flight.

Sometime in 2015, all completed 737s will be flown to the Everett Delivery Center for the ceremony and flyaway. It's going to be very busy here.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Paine Field October 27

Scoot 787-9 9V-OJA at the EMC.

ZB168 United Airlines 787-9 N19951 begins the first of two taxi tests.

WE591 Turkish Airlines 777 line 1256 TC-JJU was moved from the 40-25 to the 40-23. Line 1257 for American Airlines is next.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Paine Field October 24

787-8 line 261 41 section for Qatar Airways was moved from the Dreamlifter Operations Center to the factory this morning.

ZA545 LAN 787-8 CC-BBJ was taken out for a taxi test this afternoon, the planned B1 flight was canceled.

ZB168 United Airlines 787-9 N19951 returned from a B3 flight this afternoon with hot brakes and one deflated tire. It was parked on the taxiway for over an hour while the brakes cooled, then towed to the flightline.

ZA590 Thai Airways 787-8 HS-TQC back from a C1 customer flight.

Another FedEx 767 was rolled out of the 40-32 and parked at the fuel dock tonight.