Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paine Field July 26

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RC674 Silk Way West Airlines VQ-BWY B1 flight on July 17.

747-8F N841BA was rolled out of the paint hangar on July 19.

RC051 Korean Air 747-8i HL7630 back from a B1 flight July 20.

HL7630 departing on an Engineering flight July 25. Video by OwnsGermany.

LAN Airlines 787-9 line 341 was rolled out of the factory on July 21.

Air to ground video of the Boeing flightlne by OwnsGermany.

WE458 China Eastern Airlines 777 B-2023 B1 flight July 22.

ZB173 United Airlines 787-9 N45956 back from a C1 flight July 23.

ZB537 Vietnam Airlines 787-9 VN-A862 B1 flight July 24.

Air New Zealand 787-9 ZK-NZD delivery flight to Auckland. Video by OwnsGermany.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Paine Field July 13

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ZA482 Qatar Airways 787-8 A7-BCW back from a B1 flight.

WE457 China Eastern Airlines 777 B-2022 was ferried to Portland for painting.

An-124 RA-82081 landed this morning and was parked at the Boeing north gate.

N5020K the first 777F begins a taxi test on July 13, 2008. First flight was on July 14.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Paine Field July 10

ZB173 United Airlines 787-9 N45956 back from a B1 flight.

N45956 was rolled out of the 40-24 on June 16.

ZB079 Etihad Airways 787-9 A6-BLC departing on a B1 flight.

ZA824 American Airlines 787-8 N807AA departing on a C1 customer flight with 15 on board. Silk Way West Airlines 747-8F VQ-BWY at the fuel dock was moved to stall 204 this afternoon.

WE491 Saudi Arabian Airlines 777 HZ-AK28 departing on a B1 flight. Scheduled for a ferry flight to Portland on Saturday for painting.

FedEx 767 line 1085 was moved out of the 45-01 paint hangar tonight.